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Curious Creatures ArtClub

At Curious Creatures Art Club our goal is to provide a range of short creative classes for children aged between 0-11 years. We are a London-based company who incorporates a variety of practices including art, crafts and music.

Our arts and crafts activities use sustainable materials and encourage children to focus on activities that are eco-friendly and therapy-based, providing unique outcomes for every child. The activities explore creativity through 2D, 3D and kinetic artworks.

Our music classes are inspired by the Solfege Method which encourages children to hear and understand music internally rather than the traditional reading of score. The activities focus on singing, body percussion with some simple instrumental elements .

Here at Curious Creatures we offer a unique combination of visual/audio classes for an extra sensory experience. Our teachers are fully qualified and experienced in providing quality classes in schools and children's centres across London.

Our classes are available for pop-up events and regular sessions.

You can contact us at or visit our website

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